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3 Items £5.95 per person

4 Items £7.95 per person

5 Items £9.95 per person

6 Items £11.95 per person

Mini Salt Fish Fritters (L)

Mini Jerk Chicken Wraps

Filo King Prawns

Mini Ackee and Mushroom Volauvants (V)

Mini Callaloo Fritters (V) (L)

Crab Cakes (G) (L)

Callaloo Balls (V) (G) (L)

Salt Fish Balls (G) (L)

Beef Cocktail Patties

Spiced Minced Chicken Patties (L)

Chicken Tikka (G)

Mini Vegetable Samosas (V)

Falafel (V) (G) (L)

Sweet Potato Chips (V) (G) (L)

Dips Sweet Chilli Sauce, Hot Pepper Sauce, Garlic Mayonnaise,

Red Onion and Mango Relish (available with all choices)

V= suitable for vegetarians or vegans

G= gluten free

L= lactose free

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