Fork Buffet Menu

Prices depend on number of dishes required and whether you want silver service or buffet style serving

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Salt Fish, Callaloo (V) (L), or Mushroom (V) (L) Fritters
Crab cakes (G) (L)
Escoveitched Chicken Salad (G) (L)
Exotic Avocado Salad (V) (G) (L)
Jerk Chicken Caesar Salad
Peppered King Prawns (G) (L)
Ackee and Salt Fish (G) (L)
Ackee and Mushrooms (V) (G) (L)
Chicken Tikka (G)


Main Meal

Jerk Chicken (G)(L) served on or off the bone
Brown Stewed Chicken (G) (L)
Caribbean Roast Chicken (G) (L)
Tandoori Chicken (G) (L)
BBQ Chicken served on or off the bone (G) (L)
Curried Goat (G) (L)
Escoveitched Fish (G) (L)
Brown Stew Fish (G) (L)
Ackee and Salt Fish (L)
Jerk Salmon (G) (L)
Caribbean Beef Steak (G) (L)
Escoveitched Aubergine (V) (G) (L)
Jerk Tofu with vegetables (V) (G) (L)
Curried Tofu (V) (G) (L)
Ital Stew (V) (G) (L)
Ackee and Mushrooms (V) (G) (L)
Chana Dhal (V) (G) (L)
Vegetable Biriani (V) (G) (L)


Side Dishes

Rice and Peas (V) (G) (L)
Plain Boiled Rice (V) (G) (L)
Fried Plantain (V) (G) (L)
Plantain Salad (V) (G) (L)
Fried Dumplings (V) (L)
Festivals (G)
Creole salad (V) (G) (L)
Coleslaw (V) (G) not suitable for vegans
Steamed Callaloo (V) (G) (L)

V= suitable for vegetarians or vegans G= gluten free L= lactose free

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